The Do-Not Press has not published since 2004 and does not control rights to any title displayed here. These pages are for archive reference only.


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The Do-Not Press is currently not looking for submissions. We have stopped publishing. Please do not send us your valuable manuscript; we do not have the resources to read it and it will be recycled unread.

Welcome to the The Do-Not Press, Europe's most exciting independent publisher.

However broad your tastes – and ours stretch across noir, hardboiled, modern fiction, murder mystery, art, music, non-fiction and humour, to name but nine – we've probably got something you'll enjoy. Please feel free to browse, read extracts and bone up on our authors. There is also an ever-growing number of articles on a variety of arts-related subjects at Bookclub, plus other pages hold details for prospective authors, journalists and booksellers, as well as the ability to buy online via secure server and links to

Happy reading.

The Last Books We Published:

Crime on the Move
Crime on the Move edited by Martin Edwards
Masters of Mystery Its Not A Runner Bean Answers From The Grave by Mark Timlin Gene Vincent
Masters of Mystery - Martin Radcliffe (ed) It's Not A Runner Bean by Mark Steel
London Revenant
Judas Pig by Horace Silver
Confessions of a Romantic... by Maxim Jakubowski
Ike Turner: King of Rhythm
Vixen by Ken Bruen
Green For Danger
Kiss it Away
A Dysfunctional Success
The Indispensable Julian Rathbone
End of the Line
No One Gets Hurt

The News
as at  

THE DO-NOT PRESS is on hold. We have no plans to publish any more books and our sales and distribution is currently being handled in house from October 1st, 2006. Books (when still available) can be bought online via this site and via Amazon, but increasingly not through bookshops.

AWARDS 2005: For a small independent publisher, The Do-Not Press has done very well at the Bouchercon Awards ceremonies held in Chicago in September 2005.
EDWARD D HOCH wins Best Short Story in the Barry Awards for 'The War in Wonderland', which appeared in GREEN FOR DANGER; edited by Martin Edward; The Do-Not Press.
KEN BRUEN wins Best Book in the Macavity Awards for 'The Killing of the Tinkers'. (We've published eight of his other books, most of them are better!!)
Hearty congratulations to all concerned.

THIS WEBSITE IS HEREBY DECLARED OFF-LIMITS to anyone who voted for President George W(anker) Bush in the US presidential Elections. Sixty million Americans made a special effort to turn out and vote for the incompetent incumbent, thereby endorsing his right-wing Christian Fundalmentalist, pro-war, pro-business, anti-disadvantaged, anti-environmental reign of terror and unleashing it on themselves and on the rest of the planet for another four years. Whether it was stupidity, ignorance or malevolence that made them vote for Bush doesn't matter, the net result is the same. So, if you did vote for Bush we don't want you sullying our books. Go away and stay away.

KEN BRUEN wins highly prestigious Shamus Award for Best Novel for 'The Guards' published by Ireland's esteemed Brandon Books imprint. Ken Bruen's books published by The Do-Not Press include Vixen, Blitz, London Boulevard, The McDead, Taming the Alien, A White Arrest and The Hackman Blues - most in groovy (and highly collectable) first editions.

JUDAS PIG a major news item in the Observer. CLICK HERE to read it and see what all the fuss it about.

baby oil and ice   BABY OIL & ICE wins BEST BOOK category at 2002 EROTIC AWARDS!

Full Story


Tell Someone
Carol Anne Davis writes on the issues behind her latest thriller, Kiss It Away click here to read it

Hotels in Dublin Ireland

"Too sexy and left wing"
Julian Rathbone talks to Mark Lawson about
The Indispensable Julian Rathbone on Radio 4's Front Row. Click to read the transcript

Sex, Lies and Videotape
Russell James on writing his controversial new thriller, No One Gets Hurt click here

Stiff No More
Eric Goulden (Wreckless Eric) on what turned him to autobiography click here

Want to Publish a Book?
The nuts of bolts of independent publishing by Jim Driver
click here

What is The Do-Not Press all about? Take on board the following, jumble up and serve on toast: crime fiction, intellectual adventure stories, literary fiction, noir, thrills and spills, exciting writing (a very pleasing rhyme), realism, fantasy, alternative, the underground, london underground, books on London, books on sex and books on the seedier sides of life generally.
Incidentally, all our books are printed on ecologically renewable paper –the same goes for our ideas.

The other day a telephone enquirer asked: 'Are you the UK's leading independent publisher of crime fiction?' Well, maybe we are, but I couldn't admit it, because that's someone else's slogan. It's also a tiny part of what we do.
Integral but tiny.
Someone else wanted to know who our literary heroes are.
Mmm, tricky.
In no particular order: Evelyn Waugh, Kathy Acker, Marc Atkins, Robertson Davies, Nelson Algren, John B Spencer, Elmore Leonard, Richard Brautigan, George Orwell, Charles Bukowski, Jerry Raine, F Scott Fitzgerald, Stewart Home, David Goodis, James Sallis, Russell James, William S Burroughs, Miles Gibson, Phillip K Dick, Charles Dickens, Bill James, Jack Kerouac, Peter Ackroyd, John Harvey, Maxim Jakubowski, Horace McCoy, Jerome K Jerome, Gary Phillips, Mervyn Peake, Ken Bruen, Derek Raymond, Richard Price, Luke Rhinehart, Paul Charles, Gerald Kersh, Colin Wilson, Anne Rice, Jack London, David Peace, Mike Ripley, Tom Robbins, Mick Farren, JD Sallinger, Martin Edwards, Cornell Woolrich, Terry Southern, Lara Clifton, Hunter S Thompson, Dashiell Hammett, Chester Himes, Julie Cook, Lewis Carroll, Jim Thompson, Sarah Ainslie, Raymond Chandler, Tom Wolfe, Eric Goulden, William Faulkener, James Ellroy, Aldous Huxley, Julian Rathbone, George P Pelecanos, Charles Shaar Murray, Loren D Estelman, James Joyce, Carol Anne Davis, John Braine, Walter Mosley, Ian Rankin, James M Cain, John Collis, James Crumley, with apologies to those hundreds we've left out.

Recently someone searched our site with the phrase: 'Harry Potter and the...' Shortly afterwards another tantalising phrase was entered: 'Alfred Hitchcock,buggery,London,thriller'. The mind boggles.

There is nothing more to say at this time.

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