This page is included for information only – The Do-Not Press does not exist any more and its books can only be bought secondhand



1. In bookshops

Most bookshops in the UK and many others throughout the world stock our books or can at least get them for you by order. Please check out our feature ‘Can’t Buy Our Books?’ for exceptions and hints on ordering through bookshops. If you are told a book is unavailable, please check on this site for current status before giving up hope. If all else fails, you’ll probably be able to buy it from us by mail order.

2. Over the Internet, (and their various worldwide offshoots) all stock our books. If your local Amazon doesn’t list a title, try There are links to the page on Amazon from our book pages. Please order via these links as we make a little more money on each sale!

Most other online booksellers sell our books. Beware of being fooled into thinking you’re shopping around: most of the online stores in the UK masquerading as independent online booksellers are actually run by Amazon!

3. Direct From Us

For several months we have been working on getting our Internet bookstore, The Bang Bang Bookclub, up and running online. This is very near completion, but due to red tape, banking regulations and the huge amount of work involved, it’s still not ready. Soon, baby, soon…

In the meantime, there are alternatives:

(a) Mail Order
Printable order form (does not work)

(b) Order by E-mail (does not work)

Important note: Sending credit card details by email is not a secure method of payment. If you want to use this method, at least split the information into two messages. But be careful.

(c) Order by post:
The Do-Not Press,

Cheques should be made payable to ‘THE DO-NOT PRESS’ and accompany your order. (Don’t do it!)

(d) The boring bit (what we need)

E-mail, telephone and fax orders can only be accepted with full credit card details. Please include the delivery address with all orders – it makes it easier for the deliverer.

For credit card payment, we require:

Your card type (Visa or Mastercard only)
Your card number, billing name and address (if different from delivery address), and
Your card expiry date
Delivery Times: UK and Europe: we aim to dispatch within two working days, but please allow up to 14 days for delivery
Rest of the world: Airmail approx. 1-2 weeks.

Postage and Packing: Postage and packing is free to UK and European addresses. For overseas orders (OUTSIDE UK) please add 20% of total cost towards airmail costs.

3. At a Car-Boot (Garage) Sale

You may occasionally find our books at a car boot sale (what Americans term a ‘garage sale’) or in a secondhand bookshop. Usually they come with coffee stains on the cover and a rasher of rock-hard 1998 bacon as a bookmark. If so, consider yourself very lucky. But this method of purchasing our books is very hit-and-miss and cannot be relied on. There can also – despite the inevitable bargain price – be drawbacks. Very often you will find pages missing and/or maybe rearranged in a wrong and misleading order.