Bill James


Bill James is a former journalist who worked for the Western Mail and South Wales Echo, The Daily Mirror and the Sunday Times. He is the author of eighteen crime novels in the Harpur and Iles series, which are published all over the world. Protection, the fourth in the series, was televised by BBC 1 as Harpur & Iles, starring Hywel Bennett. Hollywood is currently negotiating for Halo Parade, number three.
James lives in his native South Wales and also writes under the name David Craig, most recently a series set around Cardiff docks, where he grew up. The Warner Brothers film, The Squeeze, with Stacy Keach, Edward Fox and Carol White was adapted from the David Craig novel, Whose Little Girl Are You? He is married with four children, and a part-time tutor in creative writing at the University of Wales, Cardiff.


“Bill James is British mystery fiction’s finest prose stylist” – Peter Guttridge, The Observer

“The Elmore Leonard of Britain’s underworld” – Kirkus Reviews

“A master of Crime. James is concerned with the dilemmas and difficulties of policing Britain’s inner cities, and he addresses these in hard-edged narratives that leave readers gasping and flinching, praying the people in these stories never come to live in their streets.” – Sunday Times

“Bill James can write, and then some” – Chris Petit, The Guardian

Novels by Bill James (published by The Do-Not Press):

Split (2001)
Middleman (2002)
A Man’s Enemies (2003)

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