Mike Ripley


MIKE RIPLEY is the author of the award-winning ‘Angel’ series of comedy thrillers set mainly in Essex and London’s East End.

In Double Take he moves ‘up west’ big time, to London’s wild west frontier around Heathrow Airport and with a new multi-cultural cast of characters all determined to make crime pay. It has been said that Mike Ripley “paints a picture of London Dickens would recognise” and apart from being acknowledged as one of Britain’s funniest crime writers, he is also a respected critic of crime fiction, reviewing for the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Good Book Guide and the Birmingham Post.

Mike Ripley has twice won the Crime Writers’ Association Last Laugh Dagger for best humorous crime novel.


“High comedy quotient, splendid scams… but don’t fail to notice what a seriously good writer Ripley is.” – Phillip Oakes, Literary Review

“I never read Ripley on trains, planes or buses. He makes me laugh and it annoys the other passengers”- Minette Walters

“The outrageous rip-roaring Mr Ripley is an abiding delight…’ – Colin Dexter

Novels by Mike Ripley (published by The Do-Not Press):

That Angel Look (1997)
Double Take (2002)

Edited by Mike Ripley (with Maxim Jakubowski):

Fresh Blood (1996)
Fresh Blood 2 (1997)
Fresh Blood 3 (1999)

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