Miles Gibson


milesgibson_thinMiles Gibson grew up in Christchurch, Dorset. He was educated at Somerford Junior School and Somerford Secondary Modern (now the Grange) where he failed to make an impression but finished a toast rack in woodwork.
When he left school he wanted to be a painter but joined a Bournemouth advertising agency on the advice of the careers’ master who thought advertising was ‘something artistic’.

He trained to be an art director by making tea and running errands until he entered a writing competition for university undergraduates organised by a large London agency. They seemed impressed by his qualifications – toast rack first class with honours – and a few months later he was offered a job as a junior copywriter at J Walter Thompson in Berkeley Square.

When he won a Telegraph Magazine Young Writer of the Year Award in 1969 he turned his attention to serious writing. For a time he wrote features for the Telegraph Sunday Magazine. His first novel The Sandman was published in 1984 and since that time he’s written a small shelf of books, including works for children. His novel Kingdom Swann was adapted for BBC Television as Gentlemen’s Relish starring Billy Connolly and Sarah Lancashire and was first broadcast in 2001.

Miles Gibson is married and lives in Dorset.


“Gibson has few equals among his contemporaries” – Time Out

“Savagely black comedy along Evelyn Waugh lines with its merriments even kinkier” – The Observer

“Gibson could be a visitor from outer space” ­ The Weekend Echo

“As though Martin Amis had been written by Henry Green and David Cook” – Times Literary Supplement

“Gibson writes with a nervous versatility that is often very funny and never lacks a life of its own, speaking the language of our times as convincingly as aerosol graffiti” – The Guardian

“I was tremendously cheered to find a book as original and refreshing as this one. Required reading for anyone setting up a restaurant or about to holiday on the Dark Continent” – The Literary Review (about Vinegar Soup)

“Absolutely first rate. Absolutely wonderful.” – Ray Bradbury (about Dancing With Mermaids)

Novels by Miles Gibson (published by The Do-Not Press):

The Sandman (1997)
Dancing With Mermaids (1997)
Vinegar Soup (1998)
Kingdom Swann (1998)
Mr Romance (2002)