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achemicalA Chemical Romance by Jenny Fabian

October 1998 – £6.50
The story of a woman’s attempt to find herself as she travels from London to Munich, New York to LA and finally to Ibiza. From the author of Groupie.

dysfunctionalA Dysfunctional Success by Eric Goulden

August 2003 – £9.99
The antidote to showbiz biographies from the man who found fame (if not fortune) as Wreckless Eric on Stiff Records back in the 1970s.
“A National Treasure” – Jonathan Ross

AMEA Man’s Enemies by Bill James

September/October 2003 – £15.99/£7.99
The follow-up to Split sees Simon Abelard (his intelligence section’s ‘token black’) teamed up with a raw woman recruit to solve the murder of one of the section’s own officers.
Spies & Adventure

atwohanderA Two Hander by Sara Kestelman & Susan Penhaligon

May 1996 – £6.99
An impressive poetry début from two of Britain’s most acclaimed actresses.

awhiteaA White Arrest by Ken Bruen

October 1998 – £6.50
The first part of Bruen’s landmark White trilogy, set in South London and featuring less than clean cops Brant and Roberts.
Crime & Mystery

audaciouspervAudacious Perversion by Mark Sanderson

September 1998 – £6.50
“An elegantly written and stylish black comedy – a new Kind Hearts and Coronets set among the cocaine-snorters of the late Nineties.” – London Evening Standard
Crime & Mystery

babyoil80Baby Oil & Ice: Striptease in East London edited by Laura Clifton; photographs by Sara Ainslee & Julie Cook

August 2002 – £25.00
A stunning book containing 176 pages of full colour photographs, interviews and writing from those involved in this disappearing industry.

becausesheBecause She Thought She Loved Me by Maxim Jakubowski

October 1997 – £7
A thrilling descent into the heart of sexual madness, moving in overdrive from London’s West End, via the sinister private clubs of Paris, to the no-holds-barred illegal strip joints of New York.

blitzBlitz by Ken Bruen

August 2002 – £6.99/£15.00
The fast moving follow-up to the ‘White Trilogy’: The Brixton-based police squad is suffering collective burn out and to make matters worse, there’s a serial killer on the loose, targeting cops.
Crime & Mystery

bloodbroThe Blood Brothers by Geno Washington

October 1998 – £6.50
Début novel from the acclaimed soul and blues singer, set in the 1960s, which follows the exploits of an Afro-American Vietnam vet, who is thrust into a world of danger and intrigue that propels him from the jungles of South East Asia, to the deserts of Mauritania.

charlieschoiceCharlie’s Choice by Brian Freemantle

November 1997- £9.00
The First Charlie Muffin Omnibus: Charlie Muffin / Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie / The Inscrutable Charlie Muffin. The first three novels of the down-at-heel spy collected in one volume.
Thriller & Adventure

confessionssmallConfessions of a Romantic Pornographer by Maxim Jakubowski

January 2004- £7.99
On the death of a minor league writer, a mysterious woman is called in to investigate his life and to find his lost memoirs, lest they incriminate people in high places. She is hardly prepared for what she stirs up…
Crime & Mystery/Erotic

crimeinthecityCrime in the City edited by Martin Edwards

September 2002 – £6.99/£15.00
The official anthology of the Crime Writers’ Association, featuring new stories from members of the Crime Writers’ Association.
Crime & Mystery

cuntC*nt by Stewart Home

May 1999- £7.50
Stewart Home’s controversial novel was banned by many booksellers and its cover could be the first not to be allowed a title (stickers included!). Abrasive and darkly witty: essential reading for psychopaths, sociopaths and anyone else interested in publishing.
Modern Fiction

dancingDancing With Mermaids by Miles Gibson

September 1997- £7
Set close to the poisonous swamps at the mouth of the River Sheep, the town has been isolated from its neighbours for centuries. But mysterious events are unfolding…
Miles Gibson’s mesmerising second novel.
Modern Fiction

deepandmDeep & Meaningless: The Complete John Otway Lyrics edited by John Haxby

October 1996 – £5.99
The collected lyrics together with photographs and sleeve illustrations.

DNA250DNA Cowboys Trilogy by Mick Farren

September 2002- £10/£15
Three cult science fiction classics together and available for the first time since the 1970s. With influences that range from Star Trek to Kung Fu and from the Marquis de Sade to Sam Peckinpah, cult author Farren created a bizarre universe that stands the rigours of time.
Science Fiction

dnangelDN Angels by Andy Soutter

June 1999 – £7.50
When Theo Riddle leaves home and hits the road, he encounters an intriguing collection of psychopaths, hustlers and philosophers along the way.

tigerssmallDon’t Think of Tigers edited by Peter Guttridge

June 2001 – £7.50/£15
The writers featured in this anthology are all winners of First Edition, a writing competition and mentoring scheme. The mentors include Alan Brownjohn, Chaz Brenchley, Stella Duffy, Tobias Hill and Russell James.
Modern Fiction

down&outsmallDown & Out in Shoreditch & Hoxton by Stewart Home

February 2004- £7.99
A slice-and-dice splatter novel in which time-travelling streetwalkers hump their way from trendy east London of today back to the skid row mutilations of the Jack the Ripper era.
Modern Fiction

doubletakeDouble Take by Mike Ripley

April 2002 – £6.99/£15
The scam is alive and well and about to depart from Heathrow Airport… The first hilarious stand-alone novel from the creator of the best-selling Angel series, Double Take tells how to rob Heathrow Airport and get away with it.
Crime & Mystery

einsteinfront_smallEinstein by Miles Gibson

June 2004- £6.99/£15.00
Charlie is woken one night to be told it’s the end of the world. So what’s he supposed to do about it? A wry, funny and ultimately revealing novel from the author of The Sandman and Mr Romance.
Modern Fiction

elvisElvis: The Novel by Robert Graham, Keith Baty

May 1997 – £7
The everyday story of an imaginary superstar eccentric. ‘The very best music novel ever written’ – Time Out.

endofthelineEnd of the line End of the Line by KT McCaffrey

August/September 2003 – £6.99/£15
A tough case of multiple murder for Irish investigative reporter Emma Boylan. ‘A really good read, this thriller gripped my attention from page one and held it until the end.’ – Books Ireland
Crime & Mystery

eroticnovelsThe Erotic Novels Set by Maxim Jakubowski

January 2002 – £12.99
Signed, numbered limited edition (250) box set containing a unique booklet, plus It’s You That I Want To Kiss, Because She Thought She Loved Me, and On Tenderness Express.
Erotic/Crime & Mystery

firstofthetreuFirst of the True Believers by Paul Charles

April 2002 – £7.50/£15
A novel concerning The Beatles. A decade in the life of Theodore Hennessy – the drummer who almost made it into The Beatles – interspersed with the story of the early days of the Fab Four themselves.
Modern Fiction

fountain_new_smallFountain of Sorrow by Paul Charles

October 1998 – £7
The Camden Town detective must determine the link between two seemingly unrelated murder/mutilations while narrowing down a list of suspects that includes a career criminal, a pop-music group manager, a politician, and a mysterious lady with black lipstick.
Fiction: Crime & Mystery

forthechildrenFor The Children edited by Susan Penhaligon

October 1996 – £6.99
Over 50 stars and screen come together in aid of NCH Action For Children. Self-penned poetry and song from the likes of Clive Anderson, Rolf Harris, Maureen Lipman and Floella Benjamin.

fb1Fresh Blood edited by Mike Ripley and Maxim Jakubowski

April 1996 – £6.99
Cutting stories of nineties noir from the cream of Britain’s up-and-coming crime writers, including John Harvey, Mark Timlin, Ian Rankin, Derek Raymond, Russell James, Stella Duffy. Included in ‘The Fresh Blood Set’ box set.
Crime & Mystery

fb2Fresh Blood 2 edited by Mike Ripley & Maxim Jakubowski

November 1997- £8
Second landmark anthology of top British crime writers. Features original stories from John Baker, Christopher Brookmyre, Ken Bruen, Carol Anne Davis, Lauren Henderson, Charles Higson, Phil Lovesey, Iain Sinclair, RD Wingfield and more.
Crime & Mystery

fb3Fresh Blood 3 edited by Mike Ripley & Maxim Jakubowski

October 1999- £8
Third landmark anthology of top British crime writers. Features original stories from Lee Child, Minette Walters, Martyn Waites, Paul Charles, Peter Guttridge, Phil Andrews, Rob Ryan and more.
Crime & Mystery

funnytalkFunny Talk edited by Jim Driver

June 1995 – £5.99
The follow-up to Rock Talk, featuring contributions from Michael Palin, Max Bygraves (!), Jeremy Hardy, Mark Lamarr, Paul Whitehouse, Hattie Hayridge, Bob Mills, John Cooper Clarke and Mark Steel.

greenfordangersmall.Green For Danger edited by Martin Edwards

October 2003 – £7.99/£15.00
The official Crime Writers’ Association Anthology 2004 featuring stories from Andrea Badenoch, Robert Barnard, Carol Anne Davis, Reginald Hill, Michael Jecks, Ruth Rendell and more.
Crime & Mystery

griefGrief by John B Spencer

June 2003 – £7.99/£15
The final novel, completed just weeks before John B Spencer’s tragic death in March 2002 – and his best. Again, set in the West London he’d lived in all his life, Grief is a potent mix of drama, humour and tragedy that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.
Fiction / British Noir

hackmanThe Hackman Blues by Ken Bruen

November 1997 – £7
Ken Bruen’s powerful second novel is a gritty and grainy mix of crime noir and Urban Blues that greets you like a mugger stays with you like a razor-scar.
Crime & Mystery

headinjHead Injuries by Conrad Williams

March 1998 – £5
It’s winter and the English seaside town of Morecambe is dead. David knows how it feels. As he struggles to come to terms with his past, he is confronted by violence and the sceptre of a bizarre reality.

hellbentsmallHellbent on Homicide by Gary Lovisi

May 1997 – £7
1962, a sweet and innocent time in America, but for an ice-hearted kill a time of easy pickings. Brooklyn-based writer Gary Lovisi’s début novel is a powerhouse of hardboiled nostalgia.
Crime & Mystery

hissingHissing of the Silent Lonely Room by Paul Charles

September 2001 – £7.50/£15
When a woman’s body is discovered in a gas-filled flat in Primrose Hill, north London, it looks like just another suicide. But Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy isn’t so sure. The fifth Kennedy mystery.
Crime & Mystery

breakingglassI Love The Sound of Breaking Glass by Paul Charles

April 1997 – £7
The first published story for DI Christy Kennedy of Camden Town, north London. Investigating murder in the music business…
Crime & Mystery

bansheeI’ve Heard the Banshee Sing by Paul Charles

September 2002 – £7.50/£15
After the butchered and dismembered body of an elderly man is discovered in Camden Town’s Black Cat Building, DI Christy Kennedy’s sixth case takes him back to his Northern Ireland homeland to investigate a mystery with roots in the past.
Crime & Mystery

ikecoversmallIke Turner: King of Rhythm by John Collis

November 2003 – £9.99
Ike Turner is best known as ‘Mr Tina Turner’ but in a career that began in the pre-rock’n’roll R&B era and which has spanned over 50 years, he was one of rock’s most infuential musicians. This is the first biography of the man and his music.

inkInk by Ray Lowry

June 1998 – £9
The definitive collection of strips, single frame cartoons and wordplay, drawn from a career spanning almost 30 years of contributions to periodicals as diverse as Oz, Punch, The Guardian and NME.

itsnotIt’s Not A Runner Bean by Mark Steel

September 1996 – £5.99
Subtitled ‘Dispatches from a Slightly Successful Comedian’. From his standpoint behind the microphone, columnist and comedian Mark Steel is in the perfect position to view all human existence.

itsyouIt’s You That I Want To Kiss by Maxim Jakubowski

November 1996 – £7.99
Set against a backdrop of gaudy neon-lit American roadhouses and lonely highways, a brutal and erotic novel from the ‘King of Erotic Fiction’. Included in ‘The Erotic Novels’ box set.
Erotic Fiction

jookThe Jook by Gary Phillips

July 2002 – £6.99/£15
LA’s Zelmont Raines has slid a long way since those winning touchdowns brought him lucrative endorsement deals. Crack, booze, a paternity suit and some shady investments in gangsta rap. Can things get any worse?
Crime & Mystery

judaspigsmallJudas Pig by ‘Horace Silver’

February 2004- £7.99
An explosive first novel from a former career criminal, Judas Pig comes with authenticity stamped all the way through. Dark and vivid, bleak, yet often funny and always beautifully-written, it is a book that will stay with you forever.
Crime & Mystery

justicefactorysmallThe Justice Factory by Paul Charles

January 2004- £7.99/£16.99
The seventh Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy mystery. When attending a funeral in a rain-drenched churchyard, Kennedy is as shocked as anyone by the surprise that awaits them and which leads to his most difficult case to date.
Crime & Mystery

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