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Here are extracts from most of our titles.

A Man’s Enemies by Bill James

‘Because, because, because, Simon, you know about deaths in the Service.’
‘So do you. So do most of us.’
‘So I do. So we do,’ Latimer said. ‘But what you know is… oh, call it particular. Yes, that. Unique to you…’ read more

A White Arrest by Ken Bruen

R&B they were called. If Chief Inspector Roberts was like the Rhythm, then Brant was the darkest Blues. Pig ignorant, more like, was also said. read more
Crime & Mystery

Audacious Perversion by Mark Sanderson

‘Hello. Come in. Punctual as ever.’ Rory stepped back and held the door open. He crossed the threshold.
He stood in a small, square lobby. On his right… read more
Crime & Mystery

Baby Oil & Ice: Striptease in East London edited by Laura Clifton; photographs by Sara Ainslie & Julie Cook

Baby Oil and Ice lifts the veil on the shadowy world of pub striptease in London’s East End. Inside its 176 pages are 116 full-colour photographs by… read more

Blitz by Ken Bruen

The psychiatrist stared at Brant. All round the office were signs that thanked you for not smoking
The psychiatrist wore a tweed jacket with patches on the sleeve. He had limp fair hair that… read more
Crime & Mystery

Confessions of a Romantic Pornographer by Maxim Jakubowski

The day Cornelia turned thirty, she attended a funeral.
It was a day with no particular features, a sky with scattered anonymous clouds and a wishy-washy colour that veered like a seesaw between barely there pale blue and a dull shade of grey. A day that somehow belonged to no precise season… read more
Crime & Mystery/Erotic

C*nt by Stewart Home

When I woke at 5am there was a seventeen year-old with maroon hair lying next to me. I wracked my brains but couldn’t remember picking anyone up. I have a sleepwalking problem and I figured this explained the situation. My chat up lines are very good… read more
Modern Fiction

DNA Cowboys Trilogy by Mick Farren

It was inevitable that they should up and leave Pleasant Gap.
The most the people could say, and they said it often, was that Pleasant Gap was a good old town.
Good old town really summed it up. Pleasant Gap was… read more
Science Fiction

Double Take by Mike Ripley

The reason they didn’t pull anybody at the Crackenthorpe Street bust was because Big Benny got an attack of the munchies about six a.m. after a five-hour game of three-card brag and two lines of sampled merchandise. Not that he ever needed that to… read more
Crime & Mystery

Down & Out in Shoreditch & Hoxton by Stewart Home

To begin with transformations. I decided to throw away my own rules. I planned crimes against grammar by immersing myself in the grammar of crime. Around Bishopsgate. North and east. The area was changing. I’d read my Robert Greene. A Notable Discovery of Cozenage. The Second Part Of Cony-Catching… read more

A Dysfunctional Success by Eric Goulden

I got my first real guitar when I was fourteen, a three-quarter scale Japanese acoustic. Before that I’d had several unsuccessful attempts at making one. They were strung up with fuse wire and were usually unplayable… read more
Biography / Music

End of the Line by KT McCaffrey

‘…And the winner in the category – Best Press Investigative Journalist of the Year – goes to…’
An expectant hush stills the audience.
Jim Finnegan, TV news reporter, pauses for a second while opening the envelope… read more
Crime & Mystery

First of the True Believers by Paul Charles

In a way, I suppose, meeting Marianne – Marianne Burgess, that is – was as important to me as the legendary meeting that took place when John Lennon’s friend, Ivan Vaughan, introduced him to Paul McCartney… read more
Modern Fiction

Grief by John B Spencer

Ollie got it from the Al Pacino and Robert de Nero film, Heat, the one they were both in together, sticking ‘fucking’ in the middle of a word all the time, Al Pacino, in the film, saying, ‘I’m over-fucking-whelmed.’ Ollie, now, saying – the two of them fed up waiting, wanting to order –‘Tarama-fucking-salata.’
Then: ‘Usual shite’ read more
Crime & Mystery/Modern Fiction

The Hackman Blues by Ken Bruen

Jack Dunphy is in the building game. To hear some of them tell it, he is the game. Leastways he used to be, all over south-east London. What’s known as a ‘plastic paddy’. Third or fourth generation down the pike and as English as toast. But could shovel the brogue as the occasion demanded… read more
Crime & Mystery

Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room by Paul Charles

Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy was prowling up and down the hallway like a bear with a thorn in his paw. Bear-like, he used the back of his hand to knock on the door of the ground-floor flat. There was a sickly-sweet smell wafting around the hallway, even though the hall door was wide open and the cold winter wind… read more
Crime & Mystery

Ike Turner: King of Rhythm by John Collis

Rock ’n’ roll was not born, springing fully formed from the womb of some magical recording studio, one day down South. But we are tempted to take an arbitrary starting point in telling its story. We always have an urge to push thumbtacks into history, to stop it wriggling… read more

I’ve Heard the Banshee Sing by Paul Charles

They were close to finishing work on The Black Cat Building on Camden High Street when the body was discovered. Another week, at most, would have been sufficient for the civic opening. Now a police investigation would delay the grand reception for at least two more months… read more
Crime & Mystery

The Indispensable Julian Rathbone

I was born on the tenth of February 1935 in Stonefield Nursing Home, Kidbrook Grove, Blackheath, London. My cot had a blanket with appliqué-ed snowdrops on it. When she remembered my mother sent me or gave me snowdrops on most of my birthdays until she died. The day before I was born her brother… read more

It’s Not A Runner Bean by Mark Steel

The tortured soul of the successful comedian has been analysed through the centuries — the tragic tears behind the face of the clown, the internal agonies of Hancock or Lenny Bruce. On the other hand… read more
Biography/ Humour

The Jook by Gary Phillips

It was hot as an Alabama outhouse when I got off the plane from Barcelona. LAX was busy like the mug as I stood in line for customs. Time was, people would have been sweating me to sign something cute for their granny, or some boob-job chick would have been asking me to write my number… read more
Crime & Mystery

The Justice Factory by Paul Charles

One Thursday morning Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy of Camden Town CID was standing in a rain-soaked graveyard distracting himself with such thoughts, and waiting for the recently deceased Daniel Elliot to be laid to rest. Although it was the middle of July, London had endured seventy-two straight hours of sheet rain.… read more
Crime & Mystery

Judas Pig by ‘Horace Silver’

I was born in the 1960s on one of the shittiest housing estates in London and, let me tell you, things were fucking bleak.
Yet you find people looking back through rose-tinted spectacles and telling you that they were the ‘good old days.’ Days when you could leave your pints of milk on your doorstop and no-one would touch them. That’s as maybe, but you’d still hear about kids going missing on their way to school. For me, childhood was a brutal time, full of bare light bulbs and angry black shadows… read more
Crime & Mystery

Kiss It Away by Carol Anne Davis

He’d scored his knife along ten parked cars before he neared the main road but the strength in his hand said he’d willingly scar a hundred others. His blade was ready to go long and hard and deep. read more
Crime & Mystery

Kiss Me Sadly by Maxim Jakubowski

She said pussy. I said cunt.
Just a minor misunderstanding in our confused exploration of the world of lust.
Sexual semantics the way Brits and Americans… read more
Modern Fiction/ Erotic

London Boulevard by Ken Bruen

I learnt this in prison. Compulsive is when you do something repetitively. Obsessive is when you think about something repetitively.
Course, I learnt some other stuff too. Not as clear cut.
Not as defined.
The day of my release, the Governor had me… read more
Crime & Mystery

London Revenant by Conrad Williams

It’s so late, it’s early.
It feels the tunnels radiating out like veins teased from Its body. Further along this platform stands an athletic man in trainers, jeans and a T-shirt upon which the words Foo Fighters are neatly stencilled.… read more

The McDead by Ken Bruen

‘Am I dying?’
Answer that. Do you lie big and say, like in the movies, ‘Naw, it’s just a scratch,’? Or, clutch his hand real tight and say, ‘I ain’t letting you go, bro’,’?
Chief Inspector Roberts was a professional; a professional liar, among other things. It didn’t teach you that in the police manual… read more
Crime & Mystery

Middleman by Bill James

Don’t, fucking don’t, call me a middleman, right?
But he did not say it. He was alone, eating obnoxious bran for fibre at the breakfast bar, thinking about his trade. Henrietta had gone upstairs to get ready for work.
Middleman – it was a smear. Always lately… read more
Crime & Mystery

Painting in the Dark by Russell James

Gottfleisch took a third croissant and dipped it in his blue Delft mug of drinking chocolate. The corpulent, silk-shirted man had lingered so long over breakfast that his drink had cooled, and when he raised the croissant to his fleshy lips a shroud of chocolate skin hung from… read more
Crime & Mystery

Pick Any Title by Russell James

Let’s sort out where everyone was when this farrago started. In London, Mickey Starr was in bed – alone – while Strachey, benefiting from an eight-hour time difference, was sunning herself in San Francisco. I hate to tell you this, especially on page one, but if she had been in bed, Strachey… read more
Crime & Mystery

Safe as Houses by Carol Anne Davis

The body went over the cliff like a weighted rag doll. He watched it fall, half-listening for a drawn out cry. There was none, because if she’d still been alive, they’d still be at the Secret House. Right now he’d be looking for ways to liven her up… read more
Crime & Mystery

Shrouded by Carol Anne Davis

Peace. There was peace to be had here, amongst the uncomplaining. Gently, he helped Terry lower the female corpse on to the waiting metal board. Cold flesh touched cold surface.
‘Cue passport!’ grinned Terry, reaching for an identification tag… read more
Crime & Mystery

Smalltime by Jerry Raine

It was just a short walk to the nightsafe every evening, and Chris always went on his own.
Ron, the off-licence manager always said, ‘If someone attacks you, just let them have the money.’
On this particular evening… read more
Crime & Mystery

Split by Bill James

Abelard gazed at his present setting. He had been there a while: long enough for some heavy thematic thoughts and satisfying moments of mild self-pity. It was a filthy but nicely deep shop doorway off Praed Street, close to London’s Paddington station. From here… read more
Crime & Mystery

The State of Montana by Maxim Jakubowski

A paso doble class completed. She drove to the French side of town and its most shady streets, infested with sex shops and porno movie houses. One or two of her female office… read more
Modern Fiction/Erotic

Stitch by John B Spencer

‘You think, because I have tattoos, wear body jewellery, I should live in a tip?’
‘That isn’t what I said.’
‘It’s what you implied.’ read more
Crime & Mystery

Taming the Alien by Ken Bruen

If you turned right on the Clapham Road, you could walk along Lorn to the Brixton side. Few do.
Brant had his new place here. The irony didn’t escape him.
Lorn. forlorn. Oh yeah.
Since he’d been knifed in the back, he’d… read more
Crime & Mystery

That Angel Look by Mike Ripley

I was sitting in the foyer of a Mexican restaurant looking up the atrium of the Canary Wharf building, having my shoes shined and drinking a pint of Margarita. It was such a perfect moment I just had to… read more
Crime & Mystery

Vixen by Ken Bruen

SERGEANT DOYLE HAD his feet up on a stool. The station was quiet and he wasn’t anticipating trouble. Football was on the telly so the hordes would be indoors. He’d nicked a danish from the canteen and had been looking… read more
Crime & Mystery