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Can’t find our books in your local bookshop?

The majority of good bookshops in the UK stock at least some of our books – most probably the most recent. But occasionally you may find a store that doesn’t have the book you want on their shelf. There are four possible reasons for this:

Eric Goulden on Writing A Dysfunctional Success

I didn’t want to write a rock ‘n’ roll biography, the sort that documents the early struggle for fame, works through a successful middle period, and chronicles the downfall via a collection of lurid drug-related episodes and boring contractual details, before finally fizzling out in a collection of lame anecdotes designed to demonstrate what a great guy I am now that life’s being good to me and I’m on the straight and narrow. WH Smith’s is already full of crap like that.

The fact is I didn’t find it very difficult to become famous, and although it lasted a bit longer than five minutes… CLICK HERE to read more

Russell James on Writing No One Gets Hurt

True story: back in the days of silent movies a producer saw the rushes for a less than inspiring movie. He paused glumly, then shouted the immortal words, “I know. Let’s fill the screen with tits!”

He’d remembered an old rule of entertainment: people pay good money to watch other people have sex. They still do. It’s one of the stories of the moment – famous people downloading images of sexual acts.

When commercial sex is performed upon children the vast bulk of us recoil in horror. Children are victims. They may be scarred for life – and in no way will we let the purveyors cry, “No one gets hurt.”

But the implication remains that sex between adults (and who’ll ever know if they’re ‘consenting adults’?) when watched by adults does no one harm. No one gets hurt – neither those taking part nor the coarsened spectators.

Really? … CLICK HERE to read more

Tell Someone

Carol Anne Davies talks about the tragedies behind Kiss It Away

Ben leaves his girlfriend’s flat after a row but on the way home he’s raped by a knife wielding stranger. Suddenly he has concerns about his health and fears about his sexual identity.

Anyone who has known a male rape victim understands the damage that this violation does. One of my adult friends was raped when he was thirteen by a paedophile who was also a teacher at a local school. The man met the boy in a fish ‘n’ chip shop and gave him coins to play the fruit machines. After an hour or so of this he also bought him food and cola and chatted to him about his hobbies. At the end of the evening, the teacher casually mentioned when he’d next be passing the shop. After another few similar meetings he invited the boy back to his house for beer and cigarettes, adult pleasures which the teenager actively longed for. These drinking sessions became regular events which soon led on to… CLICK HERE to read more

 The Basics of Independent Publishing 01 by Jim Driver



So, you want to publish books, do you? This short series of articles should provide all the information you need (and I wish I’d had when I kicked off) to get you started. But I could write a dozen books on the subject and I’d still only be scratching the surface. … CLICK HERE to read more

The Basics of Independent Publishing 02 by Jim Driver



A. Hardware

Depending on how much you want to do yourself – and here I’m assuming you want to save money and do as much as you can – at the very least you will need a good computer. At The Do-Not Press we work exclusively on Apple Macintosh and so I’m totally biased on that direction.

In 1994 when I started – on an LCIII with a total memory of 8MB!! – Mac was the only choice for the serious publisher. QuarkXPress – the best page layout program – and Photoshop – for working with photographs and scans – were originally designed especially for the Macintosh and everyCLICK HERE to read more

The Indispensable Julian Rathbone: Transcript

Front Row, BBC Radio 4
Thursday, 24th July 2003
Mark Lawson interviews Julian Rathbone


Mark Lawson: Novelist Julian Rathbone, twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize, explains how his career was held back by a Prime Minister’s wife and a publisher who thought his material was too sexy. In the history of the Booker Prize relatively few writers have been shortlisted twice, and you might think that having achieved this your literary career would been made. But Julian Rathbone, Booker listed in 1976 for… CLICK HERE to read more