Can’t Buy

Can’t find our books in your local bookshop?

The majority of good bookshops in the UK stock at least some of our books – most probably the most recent. But occasionally you may find a store that doesn’t have the book you want on their shelf. There are four possible reasons for this:

  • The bookshop might have sold out – very possible, as our books are very popular
  • The bookshop never had any in the first place – also very possible. Many shops – especially the big chains and conservatively-run independents – have decided to stock only what they think they’re going to sell lots of. In practice this means only books from the major publishers.
  • This course of action saves them time and money, but deprives the reader (you) of many good books.
  • Sometimes the people who run these shops will pretend that this isn’t the case and may even tell you that the book you are looking for is ‘out of print’ or perhaps ‘impossible to get hold of’. Not always true. This is typical of what psychiatrists term ‘self-denial’ and what truck drivers call ‘lying’.
  • The books are there somewhere, but not on the right shelf or maybe they are still in the boxes they arrived in – rarely the case, but possible.
  • The book you are looking for may have been published longer than six months ago. The majority of books you see on bookshop shelves do not belong to the bookseller, they have been bought in on ‘sale or return’. This means that if the bookseller doesn’t sell them within a short period of time, they will return them to the publisher without payment. Very often booksellers return books after three or four months. This is what keeps ‘bargain bookshops’ in business

What can I do about it?

To rectify the situation you can take one of four steps:

  • Go to a different shop and try there – not always an option
  • Ask the bookseller to order the book for you. This is when you may hear phrases like ‘out of print’ and impossible to get hold of’. If a book is featured on this site as ‘in print’, it is available to bookshops. Tell the bookseller that we are distributed through Turnaround and that the wholesalers Bertrams, Gardners and THE all stock our books. That should do it. If not…
  • Order from the secure servers at Internet booksellers like or Every book page on this site has a direct link to if the title is in print.
  • Order from us. We hope to have a secure server in place by the end of January 2003. Until then you can order by e-mail, fax (020 8698 7834) or telephone (020 8698 7833) with a credit card or by post with a UK£ cheque drawn on a UK bank. Check out the

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