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Highlights include Grief, the last completed novel by the late, great John B Spencer (June); Russell James’ new noir thriller, No One Gets Hurt; Carol Anne Davis’ new psychological thriller, Kiss it Away; and a self-chosen collection of fiction and prose from one of Britain’s greatest literary talents in The Indispensable Julian Rathbone.

Future publications include End of the Line by respected Irish mystery writer K T McCaffrey (August), A Dysfunctional Success: the Wreckless Eric Manual by Eric Goulden (August), Vixen by Ken Bruen (September) and A Man’s Enemies, the long awaited follow-up to Split by Bill James (September).

BABY OIL & ICE wins BEST BOOK category at 2002 EROTIC AWARDS!

Baby Oil & Ice, the controversial photographic book about the East London strip scene fought off strong competition to scoop the BEST BOOK prize at the 2002 Erotic Awards held at Bagleys Studios in north London, last night.
Editor Lara Clifton and photographers Julie Cook and Sara Ainslie were on hand to collect the Award. The Do-Not Press, publishers of Baby OIl and Ice, narrowly failed to gain a ‘win-double’ when Maxim Jakubowski was beaten into runner-up position in the BEST AUTHOR category.
(November 16th, 2002)


Out of print for almost 30 years and currently collectors’ items changing hands for up to £100 a single copy), the three books of Mick Farren’s ‘DNA Cowboys Trilogy’ have been collected into one volume and were published by The Do-Not Press in September 2002. Mick has written a new introduction and noted illustrator Dave Crook has provided us with an original illustration that’s literally out of this world. Coo…
(August 29th, 2002)


LA author Gary Phillips was a Special Guest of Honour (together with Richard Widmark) at the Crime Scene literary festival held at London’s National Film Theatre in July. He was interviewed by numerous journalists and on several radio programmes, but sadly a large proportion of his promotional tour – bookshop signings – had to be cancelled due to a shortage of books. Our printers of 8 years had just been taken over and their new masters had decided to close down, making their entire book-production workforce redundant in a stroke. As a knock-on, none of the promised copies of The Jook arrived in time. Still The Jook has now arrived and is well worth getting your hands on.
(August 16th, 2002)


The companion volume to ‘Baby Oil & Ice’ (see above) in our articulation imprint is ’13’, a book of lavish nude photographs by Marc Atkins (of ‘Liquid City’ and ‘Lights Out For The Territory’ fame) ‘illustrated’ by writing from the likes of James Sallis, Nicholas Royle, Jernny Fabian, Bill Drummond, Stella Duffy, Toby Litt and Mick Farren. ‘Artzine’ have already called it ‘a damn near perfect combination of art, prose and erotica, and worth every penny of its thirteen quid price tag.’
(August 12th, 2002)


Mr Romance by Miles Gibson – his first new novel for 8 years – has been receiving some wonderful reviews (check out the page for examples of what readers think) and has been entered for the 2002 Booker Prize. Giving it a 5-star review in New Books Mag, Sue Corbett says: ‘The book is labelled “an epic tale of love, lust, jealousy, pain and purple prose” and I was expecting Mills & Boon ®. But, oh no – I read it in two sittings and frequently laughed out loud… This is a well-written, very humorous story, which I heartily recommend.’ And so say all of us!
(August 11th, 2002)