Answers From The Grave

by Mark Timlin

answerscover-2£9.99– 1 904 316 41 7
large format (234mm x 153mm) paperback
£16.99– 1 904 316 40 9
234mm x 153mm hardback

An outstanding novel of love, life and villainy from Britain’s greatest writer of crime-noir

THEN: Once upon a time in south London, three young men without a future decide to invent their own. The Sixties are starting to swing and Jimmy, John and Billy want the clothes, the pills, the music and the women. Through drugs, protection and armed robbery, they get most of what they want.
But then Billy changes sides and becomes a cop… and finds that his days are numbered.

NOW: Billy’s son, Mark, is working for John Jenner and waiting for the day when his father’s killer gets out of prison. It’s any time now and Mark is determined to be there when the doors swing open.
An epic novel spanning forty years of love, life and villainy, ‘Answers From The Grave’ is a major tour de force from an author at the peak of his powers.

Praise for Mark Timlin:

‘It is possible that South London contains some law abiding citizens in conventional relationships but they make no appearance in Timlin’s immoral, wildly enjoyable books.’ – The Times
‘Well f**king hard’ – Loaded
‘The most impressive aspect of Timlin’s compressed style is the constant juxtaposition of the witty and the tense’ – Sunday Times
‘Full of cars, girls, guns, strung out along the high sierras of Brixton and Battersea, the Elephant and the North Peckham Estate, all those jewels in the crown they call Sarf London’ – Arena
‘Grips like a pair of regulation handcuffs’
– The Guardian

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