Audacious Perversion

by Mark Sanderson

audaciouspervbig£6.50 – 1 899344 32 2
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original

Martin Rudrum, good looking young media-mover and crossword freak, has a massive chip on his shoulder. His glamorous friends all appear to be higher up the social scale and seem to enjoy looking down their noises at the street-wise writer.

One day he decides to to something about it. Thus begins a series of murders in which the accessories of pleasure – champagne, drugs, dumbbells and sunbeds – are misused to deadly effect and through which the medium very definitely becomes the message.


“An elegantly written and stylish black comedy – a new Kind Hearts and Coronets set among the cocaine-snorters of the late Nineties.” – Evening Standard

“A stunning and startling novel.” – Gay Times

“A hugely promising debut in crime fiction – beautifully written” – Colin Dexter

“Gripping from the word go, the climax is shocking and chilling. Lock up and read on.” – Sunday Times

MARK SANDERSON is a writer and freelance journalist working mainly for Time Out, the Evening Standard and Sunday Times. His TV credits include The Alternative Christmas Message and Out of Order, both for Channel Four Television. He is the author of The Making of Inspector Morse and the BFI Modern Classic, ‘Don’t Look Now’. In 2002 he published, ‘Wrong Room’, his account of the trauma surrounding the death of his gay partner. Click here to buy it from Amazon. Mark Sanderson lives in Islington, north London.

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