The Ballad of Sean and Wilko

by Paul Charles

seanwilkobig£7.50 – 1 899344 57 8
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback

£15.00 – 1 899344 58 6
198mm x 127mm hardback

The fourth DI Christy Kennedy mystery

Take two musicians:

…Sean Green, a gifted Irish songwriter and talented musician, but with a voice that makes Tiny Tim sound like Otis Redding

…and Wilko Robertson, about as soulful a singer as a Scotsman can be. They worked together in Circles, a band in the 1970s, but fame elluded them.

Back together for a gig at Dingwalls Dancehall in Camden Town, this is meant to be the start of a successful come-back tour. But after taking a break from the show, Wilko is found dead in his locked dressing room. Then another body shows up – in another room that’s locked from the inside. Pretty soon Camden Town’s very own Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy is faced with two locked room mysteries and a host of suspects. And when he’s elbow deep in bodies, Kennedy’s partner, ann rea (always lower case), springs a few surprises of her own.

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