Blood Brothers

by Geno Washington

£6.50 – 1 899344 44 6
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original

bloodbrobigSet in the recent past, this début adventure novel from celebrated ’60s-soul superstar Geno Washington launches a Vietnam Vet into a series of dangerous derring-dos, that propel him from the jungles of South East Asia to the deserts of Mauritania. Told in fast-paced Afro-American LA street style, The Blood Brothers is a swaggering non-stop wham-bam of blood, guts, lust, love, lost friendships and betrayals.

GENO WASHINGTON was born into a gospel-singin’, gun-totin’, bootleggin’ family in Evansville, Indiana, in December, 1943. A stint in the USAF brought him to Britain, and on leaving the service in 1964, Geno settled in ‘Swinging London’, where he formed a soul and R&B band.

Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band quickly became the most popular live outfit on the circuit and their classic Hand Clappin’, Foot Stompin’, Funky Butt Live was the third biggest selling album of 1967. The Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ hit ‘Geno’ pays tribute to The Man’s legendary status as a power-house musician and performer.

Still leading a band, Geno has notched up a string of recent hit TV appearances – including co-starring with Nick Berry in the TV movie Paparazzo and show-stopping singing performances on The White Room and Late & Live at Edinburgh. The Blood Brothers is his first novel.

Praise for ‘The Blood Brothers’
“Is there anything this man can’t do? While other black writers are producing Iceberg Slim-style stuff for the Nineties, they rarely display the skill of Washington, who pushes all the right blood’n’guts buttons in this top adventure.” – The Big Issue

“This incredibly surreal tale ranges from Vietnam to Uganda to the vicious slave trade in Mauritania and boasts a hilariously foul-mouthed hero who can take out Idi Amin with syphilis-infected medicine and start a gay slave insurrection in a prison camp without drawing breath. Your ass is grass and Geno is the lawnmower.” – Hardcore