Charlie’s Choice

by Brian Freemantle


Charlie Muffin

Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie

The Inscrutable Charlie Muffin

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C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback

Charlie Muffin is not everybody’s idea of the ideal espionage agent. Dishevelled, cantankerous and disrespectful, he refuses to play by the Establishment’s rules.

Charlie’s axiom is to screw anyone from anywhere to avoid it happening to him. But it’s not long before he finds himself offered up as an unwilling sacrifice by a disgraced Department, desperate to win points in a ruthless Cold War.

The first of what was to become an eleven-book-series was turned into a major motion picture starring David Hemmings in 1979, and the books themselves went on to sell many millions around the world. Now, for the first time, the first three Charlie Muffin books are collected together in one volume.

‘Charlie Muffin is a bit of a loser. He isn’t brave like Bond, or clever like Maigret. Very smooth and fast and full of splendid dialogue.’ – Allan Prior

‘Charlie is a marvellous creation’ – Daily Mail

‘Mr Deightonÿs heir… one of the most exciting spy thriller writers’ – Anthony Price, Oxford Mail

BRIAN FREEMANTLE is one of Britain’s finest espionage-thriller writers, acknowledged as equal to Le Carré and Deighton, and his novels have sold around twenty million copies worldwide. He was born in Hampshire and is a former foreign editor of both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.