A Chemical Romance

by Jenny Fabian

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B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback

Jenny Fabian’s first book, Groupie first appeared in 1969 and was republished last year to international acclaim – “Truly great late-20th century art. Buy it.” -NME

“A brilliant period document” -Sunday Times.

First published in 1971, A Chemical Romance concerns itself with the infamous celebrity status Groupie bestowed on its author. Expected to maintain the sex and drugs lifestyle she had articulated in Groupie, ‘Tiptree’ flits from bed to mattress to bed, travelling from London to Munich, New York, LA and finally to the hippy enclave of Ibiza, in an attempt to find herself.

Praise for Jenny Fabian’s writing:

“Fabian’s portraits are lightning silhouettes cut by a master with a very sharp pair of scissors.” -Time Out

“Brilliantly written, well horny and utterly essential.” -NME

“A brilliant period document” -Sunday Times

“This volume carries on where the same author’s Groupie left off: and that was way down the track to undesirability” – South Wales Echo (1973)

JENNY FABIAN was brought up in a boys’ boarding school. ‘She was perfectly well-behaved until she was four years old,’ said her mother. Her first book, Groupie, first appeared in 1969 and created an immediate impression. It was recently republished to international acclaim. After writing Groupie and its follow-up, A Chemical Romance, Jenny Fabian went to live in the country to recover. She recently returned to London and is writing again.