by Stewart Home

ISBN 1899344454
B-format paperback

Stewart Home’s brilliant new novel is abrasive and darkly witty: essential reading for psychopaths, sociopaths and anyone else interested in publishing.

STEWART HOME was born in London in 1962. After working in a warehouse when he was sixteen, he decided never to hold down a day job again.

He gained notoriety as the man behind the Art Strike of 1990-92 and his novels — including Defiant Pose, Red London and Slow Death — confirm his status as maverick literary novelist. He is one of the few people in Britain to have read all of Hegel’s Aesthetics.

Praise for Stewart Home’s writing:

“Home is reconfiguring books as explosive elements – pages so stuffed with ideas that they might go off in your hands.” – Ben Slater, The Independent

“Home’s fiction is a joke – but a serious one. It employs every clichï in the book of pulp fiction and soft porn and combines them into a high-speed trajectory through high art and low life.” – Pulp Fiction – A Reader’s Guide (Prion)

“Makes Will Self’s writings read like the self-indulgent dribblings of a sad middle-class Oxbridge junkie trying to sound hard.” – NME

“This is the stuff of which cults are made.” – Time Out

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