First Of The True Believers

by Paul Charles


THE BEATLES formed in 1959, and by March 1964, every one the top five singles in the American Billboard chart was theirs. They had become a worldwide pop sensation and their home town of Liverpool was the centre of the thriving British music industry. Among other less celebrated Merseybeat groups of the time  were The Nighttime Passengers, led by Theo Hen-nessy, who – according to his own testimony at least – very nearly replaced Pete Best as drummer of the ‘Fab Four’.

First of The True Believers tells of a decade in the life of Theodore Hennessy. It starts in the late 1950s with his first meeting with the beautiful and elusive Marianne Burgess, and follows their subsequent on-off love affair and his rise to promi-nence as a musician and music agent. Intertwined is the story of The Beatles themselves: undaunted by his near miss and unperturbed by the presence of Ringo Starr on the drum-stool that should rightfully have been his, Theo remains an enthusi-astic Beatles fan and he follows their progress with interest.

First of The True Believers charts the rise of The Beatles through the eyes and ears of a fan, from their early days in Hamburg, through the years of pop stardom to the bitter break-up that signalled the end of the ‘Decade of Love’.

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