Fountain of Sorrow

by Paul Charles

fountain250£6.50 – 1 899344 39 X
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback

£15.00 – 1 899344 38 1
Demy 8vo (198mm x 127mm) casebound

The third in the popular Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy mystery series, Fountain of Sorrow is again set in the Camden Town/Primrose Hill area. Two men are killed in bizarre circumstances; is there a connection between their deaths and if so, what? It’s up to the DI and his team to discover the truth and put a stop to a dangerous killer.

Praise for Paul Charles’ Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy books

“All (are) intricately plotted and move along faster than a blockbusting beat. Reflective, tea-drinking Irish detective Christy Kennedy is a wonderful creation.” -The Times

“A tricky, elegant plot – much like the novels of Ross Macdonald.” – Publishers Weekly

“If you enjoy Morse, you’ll enjoy Kennedy.” -Talking Music, BBC Radio 2

“A strong, well-done series.” – Library Journal

“More original than the usual run of police novels. Charles makes good use of his inside knowledge of the rock business: an author to watch.” – Martin Edwards, Solicitors Journal

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