Gene Vincent

by Mick Farren

genevincentA-format hardback ISBN 1-904316-37-9 £9.99

There’s one in every town: Gene Vincent was the original and legendary black-leather bad-boy of rock ’n’ roll. His records were banned and censored, his live shows incited riots, he wrecked hotel rooms while Keith Moon was still a schoolboy, his private life was a combat zone of booze, pills, guns, and women, and he ultimately died for the bluejean bop. Without him there would have been no Jim Morrison, no Sid, no Marilyn Manson, and even Elvis would have struggled. And that’s why Gene Vincent is still remembered and celebrated thirty years after he should have been dead and gone.


  • ‘(Farren’s books) smell of rum and rebellion, an impalpable haze of tobacco, gunpowder, and a whiff of burnt ozone scent that comes from an overheated laser rifle’ Jacob Rabinowitz
  • ‘As a thinker, as a writer, as a life-long participant in the avant-garde, he always produced original progressive work. He’s like the last bohemian standing’ Mim Udovitch
  • ‘(The DNA Cowboys Trilogy) comes like a breath of fresh air after all that time-warp, police box, beam-me-up bullshit’ NME
  • ‘That mad old c**t. He still around?’ Mick Jagger, quoted in LA Weekly


MICK FARREN was rock correspondent, leading light and sometime editor of underground 1960s newspaper, International Times (IT); singer and founding father of the Deviants; and is unique in winning his Nasty Tales comic book obscenity trial. He brought the White Panther Party to the UK, and took a leading part in the semi-revolution that turned the Isle of Wight Festival of 1970 into a free-for-all festival. An early predictor and precursor of punk, Farren championed its cause whilst at legendary music paper, New Musical Express. Fleeing from Thatcher’s Britain in 1979, he settled in New York and then LA, where he currently lives. In his time has written 23 novels, 11 works on non-fiction (including four on Elvis) and numerous works of poetry.

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