The Hackman Blues

by Ken Bruen

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C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback

…I haven’t taken my medication for the past week. If I couldn’t go a few days without the lithium, I was in deep shit. I’d gotten the job ten days earlier and it entailed a whack of pub-crawling. Booze and medication is the worst of songs.

Sing that!

A job of pure simplicity. Find a white girl in Brixton. Piece of cake. What I should have done is doubled my medication and lit a candle to St Jude – maybe a lot of candles. Add to the mixture a lethal ex-con, an Irish builder obsessed with Gene Hackman, the biggest funeral Brixton has ever seen, and what you get is the Blues like they’ve never been sung before. Ken Bruen’s powerful second novel is a gritty and grainy mix of crime noir and Urban Blues that greets you like a mugger stays with you like a razor-scar.

GQ described Ken Bruen’s début novel as: “The most startling and original crime novel of the decade”. The Hackman Blues is a fantastic, hard-hitting read.

‘If Martin Amis was writing crime novels, this is what he would hope to write.’ – Books in Ireland

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