Hellbent On Homicide

by Gary Lovisi

hellbent£7 – 1 899344 18 7
C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback

1962, a sweet, innocent time in America… after McCarthy and before Vietnam. A time of peace and trust, when girls hitch-hiked without a care. But for an ice-hearted killer, a time of easy pickings. Griff and Fats, Bay City’s hardest homicide detectives, are pitted against a monster who tortures and kills, but time is running out. Brooklyn-based crime guru (and editor of Hardboiled magazine) Gary Lovisi’s powerhouse début novel is a major contribution to the hard-boiled school of detective fiction, a roller-coaster ride of sex, violence and suspense. Packaged with two Griff and Fats short stories for added value.

“This isn’t a first novel, this is a book written by a craftsman who learned his business from the masters.” – Eugene Izzi

GARY LOVISI lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is editor of a number of magazines, including Hardboiled. He publishes books under his own Gryphon imprint and has written dozens of short stories. This is his debut novel.

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