I’ve Heard The Banshee Sing

by Paul Charles

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C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback original
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216mm x 135mm Hardback

The Sixth Detective Christy Kennedy Mystery

WHEN the butchered and dismembered body of an elderly man is discovered in Camden Town’s famous Black Cat Building, Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy finds this is no ordinary murder. Initial investigation produces not a single clue but an article by Kennedy’s some time lover, ann rea (whose name always appears in lower case), reveals a couple of potential leads in Kennedy’s Northern Ireland birth-place.

Kennedy and ann rea head over to Portrush: she to work on a follow-up to her story, Kennedy to try and make sense of the bizarre ritualistic killing. Assisted by Ulster Detective McCusker, Kennedy’s investigation takes him through the Irish countryside and back in time to World War II. ‘I’ve Heard The Banshee Sing’ is Paul Charles at his very best.


‘A gentle uplifting read, due in large part to the fact that Kennedy, unlike the majority of fictional detectives, is remarkably well-adjusted’ – John Connolly
‘Masterful sleuthing’ – What’s on in London

‘Det. Insp. Christy Kennedy and his London police team – particularly Det. Sgt. James Irvine and Det. Constable Anne Coles – are a fine ensemble, and in their fifth outing (Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room) British author Charles uses his working knowledge of the music industry to fashion an absorbing and entertaining tale… A good puzzle, memorable characters and an elegant, if not simple, solution should help move Charles’s series into the top rank of British police procedurals’ – Publishers Weekly (USA)

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