The Justice Factory

by Paul Charles

justicefactoryC-format paperback ISBN 1-904-316-33-6 £7.99
Hardback ISBN 1-904-316-32-8 £16.99

“Paul Charles is one of the hidden treasures of British crime fiction” – John Connolly

The Seventh Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy Mystery

While attending a funeral in a rain-drenched churchyard, Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy is as surprised as anyone by what’s found in the recently-dug grave. His subsequent investigation uncovers a labyrinth of secrets, lies and deceit. All members of Kennedy’s team – especially Detective Sergeant James Irvine – find themselves personally involved and vulnerable. And is WDC Anne Coles paying as much attention to solving the case as Kennedy’s estranged lover ann rea (always lower case) would like?

In this, his seventh and best yet Christy Kennedy mystery, Paul Charles combines his trademark ‘unique method of murder’ with a complex story centred around a totally believable series of characters, and a twist that takes even Kennedy by surprise.

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