Kiss It Away

by Carol Anne Davis

kissitawaybigPaperback £6.99 (ISBN 1-904316-09-3)
Casebound £15 (ISBN 1-904316-08-5)

Nick is an angry young man with a steroid dependency. Filled with chemical rage, he arrives alone in Salisbury and rapes Ben, a stranger.

Then, less than an hour later, he brutally murders a woman.

But it is Ben, bloodied and partly dressed, who is witnessed near the murder scene. And it’s his photofit which is flashed on TV.

Ben can’t bring himself to tell his girlfriend, Dawn, that he’s been raped but he acts so strangely that she suspects that he’s the killer. Now it’s her turn to feel fear.

As Nick’s drug-fuelled fury rises, so does the body count. The police start to close in – but they’re closing in on Ben…


‘Reminiscent of Ruth Rendell at her darkest’ Booklist (USA)

‘A gripping tale of skewered psychology from one of the most talented of the rising Scottish Mac Mafia school of crime. Not only unputdownable, but also a mighty chiller,’ The Guardian

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