Kiss Me Sadly

by Maxim Jakubowski

kissmesadbig£6.99 – 1 899 344 87 X
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original
£15.00 – 1 899 344 88 8
Large crown octavo (198mm x 127mm) hardback

Two parallel lives: He is a man who loves women too much, but still seeks to fill the puzzling emptiness that eats away at his insides. She grows up in an Eastern European backwater, in a culture where sex is a commodity and surviving is the name of the game. They travel down separate roads, both hunting for thrills and emotions. Coincidence brings them together.

The encounter between their respective brands of loneliness is passionate, heartbreaking, tender and also desolate. Sparks fly and lives are changed forever, until a final, shocking, epiphany.

Cover illustration by Chas Ray Kryder

PRAISE for Maxim Jakubowski

“An unholy mixture of Jim Thompson and American Psycho” – Time Out

“It memorably evokes the ghosts of Cain and Hammett and delivers some of the scariest writing since American Psycho” – City Life (UK)

“The hard sexy edge of Henry Miller and the redeeming grief of Jack Kerouac.” – Mystery Scene

“Proudly pornographic… the most comprehensive rendering of S&M variations ever to make it in to mainstream fiction” – The Literary Review

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