Last Boat to Camden Town

by Paul Charles

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C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback

The second enthralling Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy mystery Last Boat toCamden Town takes us back six months before the action in I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass and tells how Kennedy met his lover and confidant: local journalist, Ann Rea. Naturally enough it was a murder that brought them together or was it? The body of Dr Edmund Godfrey Berry is discovered at the bottom of the Regents Canal, in the heart of Kennedy’s patch of Camden Town, north London. Did Dr Berry jump, or was he pushed? And does his death have anything to do with the demise of teacher and former patient, Suzanne Collins? It soon transpires that beneath the surface of comfortable respectability, there lurks a secret more terrible than even Kennedy could imagine.

Last Boat to Camden Town combines Whodunnit? Howdunnit? and love story with Paul Charles trademark unique-method-of-murder to produce one of the best detective stories of the year.

“If you enjoy Morse, youll enjoy Kennedy” – Talking Music, BBC Radio 2

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