A Man’s Enemies

by Bill James

AMEbigPaperback £7.99 (ISBN 1-904316-21-2)
Library edition casebound £17.99 (ISBN 1-904316-20-4)

A section of British Intelligence is still reeling from the unsolved murder of one of its officers. The pain goes deeper because this killing and others before it might have been carried out by members of the section itself in a bloody internal power battle.
Now, to make matters worse, Olly Horton has left the Service and is about to write a book. His former chiefs fear what might come to light and order their most experienced and skilled man – Simon Abelard, the section’s ‘token black’ – to dissuade Horton from going ahead, giving him new girl, Iris Insole, to help. Pretty soon both Iris and Simon find themselves in real danger, unsure of who is friend, who is foe.

The direct sequel to ‘Split’, which is also available.

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