The McDead

by Ken Bruen

mcdeadbig£7.50 – 1 899344 60 8
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original

£15 – 1 899344 61 6
Large crown octavo hardback

A man’s been found battered to death in a seedy room in Stockwell. Nothing unusual about that, except that the victim is Chief Inspector Roberts’s brother, Tony. They’ve not spoken for a decade, but still, family’s family, and revenge is something Roberts can relate to. Across the patch, Detective Sergeant Brant visits his snitch, Spiros, on the trail of merciless Irish gangster Tommy Logan, a ruthless low-life with no respect for the police or for anybody.

Meanwhile, WPC Falls – Black and pretty – is staked out as decoy for the Clapham Rapist, a serial attacker with the hots for Afro-Carribean women.

This final segment of Ken Bruen’s masterful White Trilogy is a potent tale of revenge, double-dealing and violence, combining black humour with nail-biting tension and characters The Sopranos and Guy Richie would kill for.

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