Oh No, Not My Baby

by Russell James

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B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original

A gripping noir mystery set against a background of meat processing, incorporating corporate crime, animal rights terrorism and murder.

It should have been a dream come true. Nick fancied her at school but nothing came of it. Six years later they meet up. This time she wants him. Nick plays sax in a band, Babette went on to university and became embroiled in animal rights issues. The nightmare begins when Nick agrees to drive her to a meat processing plant where she intends to get photographic evidence of what goes on inside. Only she doesn’t come out again…

Nick’s quest to find out what happened to Babette leads him into a dark and complex labyrinth in which heroes become villains and villains are still villains. As Nick probes ever deeper, the story of what really happened to Babette – and why – becomes horrifyingly clear.

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