Pick Any Title

by Russell James

patbig£6.99 – 1-899344-83-7
B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback
£15 – 1-899344-84-5
Large crown octavo (198mm x 127mm) hardcover

Pick Any Title is a magnificent new crime caper involving sex, humour sudden death and double-cross.

‘Lord Clive’ bought his lordship at a ‘Lord of the Manor’ sale where titles fetch anything from two to two hundred thousand pounds. Why not buy another cheap and sell it high? Why stop at only one customer? Clive leaves the beautiful Jane Strachey to handle his American buyers, each of whom imagines himself a lord.

But Clive was careless who he sold to, and among his victims are a shrewd businessman, a hell-fire preacher and a vicious New York gangster. When lawyers pounce and guns slide from their holsters Strachey finds she needs more than good looks and a silver tongue to save her life.

“A brilliant page-turner from ‘the best of Britain’s darker crime writers” – The Times

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