Quake City

by John B Spencer

quakebig£5.99 – 1899344020
C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback original

This cracking third title in the Charley Case cri-fi series finds Spencer in tip-top form. Charley Case is the hard-boiled investigator of the future. But of a future that follows the ‘Big One of Ninety-Seven’ – the quake that literally rips California apart and makes LA an Island. A future where ‘cred’ status is everything and without it, you’re a big fat zero. It begins when Charley is offered a simple job… Apartment sitting. Simple. But before he’s finished, Charley will have been embroiled in a trail of blood that leads directly to the steps of the Oval Office, and more sudden death than a popular abattoir sees in a wet Los Angeleno fortnight.

‘If I hadn’t had a falling out with Hetty O’Hara that last night in March at the Top Button Diner on Main Street, Santa Monica, maybe the dice wouldn’t have fallen the way they did. Maybe, when Ross Helgstrom put in his call at that crazy time of eight-thirty the following morning, I’dhave climbed halfway out of sweet-dream land, traced Hetty’s warm contours beside me in the bed, burrowed my stubble into the soft tangle of her auburn hair, and left the phone to ring. Maybe…’

‘Fast and entertaining.’ – The Tangled Web

‘The snappiest (detective story) since Farewell My Lovely… authentic Chandler style, wry and witty.’ – Trent Evening Leader

‘Irresistible Raymond Chandler meets Star Wars style… thoroughly believable and thoroughly enjoyable…’ – Kent Evening Post

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