It’s Not A Runner Bean

by Mark Steel

its_not_a_runner-2004NEW EDITION

B-format paperback ISBN 1-904316-43-3 £7.99

Revised edition with new introduction from the author.

From his standpoint behind the microphone, Mark Steel is in the perfect position to view all human existence. Which is why this book — like his act, his columns and his broadcasts — is opinionated, passionate, and extremely funny. It even explains the line (screamed at him by an eighties yuppy): “It’s not a runner bean… ”

On first publication in 1997, It’s Not A Runner Bean was acclaimed by readers and reviewers alike, and (almost inevitably) became a ‘slightly’ successful book.

“A terrific book. I have never read any other book about comedy written by someone with a sense of humour.” – Jeremy Hardy, Socialist Review

“Mark Steel is the funniest Marxist since Groucho. He is bolshy, belligerent and bloody hilarious” – Francis Wheen, The Guardian

“Hugely funny…” – Time Out

“Steel is actually hilariously really funny. He also likes cricket, a pint and revolutionary socialism. In other words, he is the perfect human being and I want to stalk him.” – Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian

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