Safe As Houses

by Carol Anne Davis

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B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original

New edition (with author’s introduction) published June 19th, 2003

‘Carol Anne Davis writes with dangerous authority about the deadly everyday. Her work is dark in ways that Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters can only dream of. This is our world, skewed and skewered, revealed in its true sanguinary colours. You’ve got to read her.’ – IAN RANKIN

Women are vanishing from the streets of Edinburgh and only one man knows the answers. David is a sadist with a double life. He divides his time between the marital home – shared with devoted wife, Jennifer and young son – and his Secret House.

The Secret House is where fantasies become horribly real and where screams go unheard.

Slowly Jennifer begins to realise that all is not well…

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