by Carol Anne Davis

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C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback original

A taut and enthralling début novel from a gifted writer.

Douglas likes women – quiet women – the kind he deals with at the mortuary where he works. Douglas meets Marjorie, unemployed, gaining weight and losing confidence.

She talks and laughs to cover up her shyness, but Douglas needs a lover who’ll stay deadly still. Driven by lust and fear, he finds a way to make women remain excitingly silent and inert, and then finds he needs to blank out the details of their unplanned deaths.

But only Marjorie can fulfil his growing sexual hunger. He studies his textbooks to find a way…

What they say about Shrouded and Carol Anne Davis:

“A tight, imaginatively written book that I would advise anyone to read.” – West Coast Magazine

“A superior character study that is moody, hypnotic and tinged with violence.” – Library Journal (USA)

“A powerful and tense first novel which youÿll find hard to put down.” – Fife Leader

“An accomplished crime novel. Well written and, appropriately, claustrophobic.” – Time Out

“It could well be the début of the year. Davis writes with force – with a remarkable feeling of menace.” – Janice Young, Yorkshire Post

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