The State of Montana

by Maxim Jakubowski

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Small format paperback original

“Montana had never been to Montana…” so begins Maxim Jakubowski’s new erotic shocker. An early quote for The State of Montana calls it “A Story of O for the Internet age”. Following on from the despair and tenderness of his collection Life in the World of Women, the savage and brutal darkness of It’s You That I Want to Kiss and the bleak and explicit love story of Because She Thought She Loved Me (all published by The Do-Not Press), Maxim Jakubowski has now written his own version of ‘The Story of O’ with a modern zest of Bunuel’s Belle de Jour in this gripping, heartbreaking tale of a Montreal housewife who seeks to fill the emptiness in her heart and body through anonymous encounters in Internet chat rooms and in airport hotel bars and bedrooms; adventures which lead her to a terrifying sexual saga in a New York brownstone which sees Jakubowski at his erotic best.

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