Tooth & Nail

by John B Spencer

tooth&nailbig£7 – 1899344314
C-format (216mm x 135mm) paperback original

Spencer offers yet another demonstration that our crime writers can hold their own with the best of their American counterparts when it comes to snappy dialogue and criminal energy.

When it comes to property, Reggie Crystal and Terry Reece-Morgan have half of West London carved up between them. But both men have problems: Reggie’s is that he likes to swing by the neck from light fittings, whilst Terry has a wife in intensive care and cant wait to pull the plug. Darren Friend, self-made psychopath and social-climber, is desperate to go play with the big boys, but he has too many friends in low places and a high-class clean teamer girlfriend who needs satisfying. Materially as well as physically, all are set on a collision course from which nobody looks likely to walk away. TOOTH & NAIL is a dark, Rackmanesque tale of avarice and malice-aforethought from one of Britain’s most exciting and accomplished writers.

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