A White Arrest

by Ken Bruen

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B-format (198mm x 127mm) paperback original

Galway-born Ken Bruen’s ground-breaking novel from 1998 is a police-procedural, but this is no well-ordered 57th Precinct romp. Centred around the corrupt and seedy worlds of Detective Sergeant Brandt and Chief Inspector Roberts, A White Arrest concerns itself with the search for The Umpire, a cricket-obsessed serial killer that is wiping out the England team. And to add insult to injury a group of vigilantes appear to to doing the police’s job for them by stringing up drug-dealers. and the police like it even less than the victims.

This first novel in an original and thought provoking trilogy from the author of whom Books in Ireland said: “If Martin Amis was writing crime novels, this is what he would hope to write.”

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